Participation application

Input form

Go program name
The responsible author.
Name Nationality
On the day
Team name of authors if exist.
Member Name
Name Nationality On the day

*Presence at the venue of all authors.
E-mail address.
Re-enter the email address to confirm.
Methods to contact with you in an emergency at the day.
The number of participation in the past UEC CUPs.
Categories of participation
Leading results in the past UEC CUPs.
Technical descriptions of your program. Here, you have to mention other Go programs and/or Go libraries if you used them in your Go program. Moreover, please let us know if you used novel techniques to compose your Go program.
We give the originality prize to participants in accordance with this information.

Hardware information you will use at the day.
We need to know the maximum demand of power in watt and a rough evaluation in size W
Capability of playing Go games by using Ethernet connections.
About using remote host Please specify how many machines of what specs to use when using a remote host.
Any other messages